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What is a Shipping Policy

Having a Shipping Policy is important for managing expectations of your customers because:

It also makes them aware of different options that are available.
While this kind of policy isn't required by law, it's definitely recommended by e-commerce best practices.
If it takes too long for a customer to figure out how much you charge for shipping and generally how long an item will take to arrive, the customer will probably buy elsewhere and you'll be losing business.

Any other important information related to a return and refund Any restocking fees or other deductions from full refund, Specific items that cannot be returned, Time limits on returns (Cannot return something after 15 days, etc.)

n summary, a Shipping Policy lets customers know details about how to get goods into their homes, while a Return/Refund Policy lets customers know what their options are after goods are delivered in the event that the customer wants to send the goods back.

FAQ: Shipping Policy

A Shipping Policy is not legally required, but having one comes with a number of benefits for both you and your customers.
Some benefits are that people will be more likely to shop with you if you have a clear Shipping Policy in place since there won't be any questions about your shipping timeframes or processes. You'll get to save time by not having to answer individual customer emails asking about your shipping policies.

What are the benefits of having a Shipping Policy

When you have a Shipping Policy, people will feel more comfortable shopping with you. Your Shipping Policy will show that you're transparent about your practices. Without a Shipping Policy in place, you may get an exceptional amount of emails from potential shoppers wondering what your shipping times are. You may also get a lot of emails from people who have placed orders and are wondering when to expect their items. Having a Shipping Policy in place will help answer customer questions instantly.

Here are some examples of policies and the important sections that should be included in your Shipping Policy:

  • Prices of shipping and methods of shipping available (standard, express, overnight, etc.)
  • Payment Information (what payment forms are accepted)
  • International Shipping Information
  • Shipping Restrictions (no shipping to P.O. boxes, no shipping of certain goods, etc.)
  • Handling Time
  • Other/Additional Information

Looking at the Michael's Shipping Policy again you'll notice that restrictions are listed, including that orders cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes, expedited orders require a street address, not all shipping methods are available for all items or to all addresses, and that shipping does not happen on weekends.